Beauty of Snowfall…


The natural beauty of snowfall Looking amazing….”snowfall gifs….

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Fork In The Road

Beautiful rose..

Connecting Beyond

Amanda, when I went Within this morning to seek who to dedicate this post to, you came to Mind.  I know I am doing this blindly, not really knowing if you can relate to this post, yet, I have learned to follow my Heart.  So that is exactly what I am doing.  May my words, and this precious Rose, assist you in your Life Decisions, my dear friend.  For all who view my work this day, I thank you from the bottom of my Heart doing so.  Bless you!


When a fork in the road appears
know no matter what road you choose
all roads eventually lead to Source.
Now, granted, some roads may have you journeying
longer then when on some others … t’is true …
Yet none-the-less
free will gives you the choice
which road to travel upon
depending on what is required for…

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Totally Free

Natural beauty of flowers. .

Connecting Beyond

We are halfway to the weekend!!  So smile!  May these glorious Yellow Flowers bring you Good Cheer today!


To BE totally free
flowing with All That IS
confidence is ours
that in this Connection
we are BEing our Powerful Selves.

MF Macro Photography/ “Totally Free” 2015©AmyRose

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Flowers For A Rainy Day

Beautiful flowers.

Connecting Beyond


For those of you who are again experiencing another rainy day, I give you these flowers, in hopes they will brighten your day.  I will not be on WP today, for I have deemed it necessary to pamper me at a Spa.  What better way to spend some hours to forget that again rain falls?  *sigh*

Good thing I was able to fight off skeeters last evening as I plunged into the Magic World of Mother.  May She bring you many smiles this day!!!


MF Macro Photography/ “Flowers For A Rainy Day” 2015©AmyRose

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